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The way to put the undergarments in the closet on a regular basis is to have a special box for the laundry. For everyone who wants to design this box itself, colored felt cloths will suffice. You need to paste five of the felts you choose in the colors you want. When doing this, apply the adhesive as a strip with equal spacing to the felt surfaces.



Then cut the mats in the middle and fold them between the pieces and fill them with glue. Once you’ve made sure it’s dry, you’ll see a lot of gaps when you open it. You can put your underwear in these compartments. You can also use these compartments to store jewelry. Now your cabinets will look more colorful and tidy.



The boxes are very useful accessories for storing items, jewelry or as a gift package. On the market you can buy any size and color, however, with a little ‘commitment and creativity, you can make a beautiful box with their own hands. The procedure is really very simple and will allow you to get a unique and personalized object. In the following guide, step by step, we will see how to create a box to then cover with the fabric .

You’ll need:
  • The wood type you want to make the boxes in. (In this case we have chosen plywood)
  • Circular saw
  • Nail insole and staples
  • Measuring tape, angle gauge and pencil
  • Drilling machine, copper drill and alm. live
  • Shaking pads and a little sandpaper
  • Wood Glue
  • Wheels and screws therefor
You should do this:
  • Always start planning your project thoroughly! Make drawings and goals for your desired project. Once you have the plan in order, you simply start Slavic:
  • All sides of the boxes are cut out with the circular saw. Are you not a gift? Saver ?, it’s very smart to use a country that makes sure you do not saver skewed.  (bonus info if you like me, Lise, do not know what a country is: for example, a country could be a bunch of you cling with two screwdrivers)
  • Then you go ahead with the big gun project. Take care of the needles! It is important that the sides are slid so they stand perpendicular to each other. Remember goodbye!
  • Once you have shot the 4 sides together into a box, draw the bottom and cut it to fit the hole. (It will be easier to understand if you watch the video)
And this:
  • Now the bottom would be perfect and you can now shoot it with the nail gun? remember again thimim!
  • Pudding work is the one that gives the best results in the end! We know you’d like to finish, but take the time to give it a good deal. Shaking brush AND sandpaper!
  • When done, the box is almost done! You just need just the 4 wheels that you screw into the bottom. And maybe just a wet cloth to take the worst sawdust and dust!
  • Hey presto! FUNNY BUM! We hope you reached so far here? then you’re really cool!

To make a box, first get some cardboard to resist. Create the model according to your needs, also considering the lapels of at least 1 cm. At this point cut out the outline of the model with a cutter or scissors, paying the utmost attention to prevent you from hurting yourself. Carry out the cut-outs with great precision, especially as regards the lapels: these in fact make up the junction of the box. Before proceeding by fixing the various parts of the box with vinyl glue, check carefully the various parts that must fit perfectly. Finally apply the glue avoiding smudging and let it all dry well.


Now take care of the lining of the box: in this regard, buy the fabric of fantasy that you like or if you have leftovers at home use them for that purpose. First of all we occupy the inside part that we can finish with a satin-like material. After having cut out the various faces that make up the inside, we use the vinyl glue or double-sided tape making sure to grip the entire perimeter of the fabric. Once this is done, let the fabric adhere perfectly to your box, leaving it in place for a few hours.



Once the internal finish of the box has been completed, carry out the same operation also outside. To avoid too many joints that could be unsightly, cut out a good quantity of fabric so as to line two sides of the box and the base together with a single piece. Now glue the fabric on the remaining sides of the box to get full coverage. Finally, you can further customize your box by applying decorations on the corners and on the lid, which must also be covered. Ribbons, rhinestones, crochet objects and much more will make the box in which to store your belongings unique.

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